Bilingual German-French? Na klar (of course), bien sûr!

Since 1993, Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School has provided the opportunity for students to train as France and language experts. This includes the bilingual course of education which is offered nationwide in different languages. The German-French bilingual program took the pioneering role in this regard - long before the German-English program was established.

By now, the German-French bilingual course of education has been offered by about 84 schools, among them the following two from Saxony: the Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium in Dresden and the Anton-Philipp-Reclam-Gymnasium in Leipzig.

So far, the Saxon model of bilingual education provides enhanced French classes from grade 5. In addition, geography is taught in French from grade 7 and history from grade 9.

Entering the secondary school level II, the 'Bilis' (a nickname for students taking the bilingual course of education) choose a mandatory advanced course in French. History can additionally be taken as a bilingual subject as well. These special bilingual features will be noted on the school leaving certificate.