A magical night of music in the Ariowitschhaus on July, the 4th 2011

The theme of the 2nd movement of Antonín Dvořák's (1841-1904) Symphony No. 9 „From the New World“ arranged for piano and English horn marked the beginning of the „American Summertime“ in the sold-out Ariowitschhaus (on July the 4th 2011).

Accompanied by the bubbly presentation of Frau Dr. Goldfuss, chairwoman of the school's supportive association and host of the evening, the artists

  • Cordula Albrecht-Schumann (soprana),
  • Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren (flute),
  • Dorothea Hemken (viola),
  • Henrik Hochschild (violine),
  • Henrik Wahlgren (Englisch horn/oboe) und
  • Graham Welsh (piano) read more about the artists (though in German) here

carried us away into a dreamland of musical treasure troves from the „New World“ and presented -- at times gently, at times rollicking -- on the anniversary of the U.S. independence day

  • George Gershwin's (1898-1937) Preludes No. 1-3, arranged by J. Heifetz,
  • Samuel Barber's (1910-1981) Canzone,
  • Robert Muczynski's (1929-2010) Allegro con moto (Sonata Op. 14),
  • Elliott Carter's (born 1908) Elegy,
  • Scott Joplin's (1867-1917) Ragtime Dance, arranged by W. Birtel,
  • Aaraon Copland's (1900-1990) Scherzo humoristique: Le chat et le souris,
  • the compositions My Man is Gone Now, Bess You is My Woman Now, arranged by J. Heifetz, and Summertime, from George Gershwin's (1898-1937) folk opera Porgy and Bess

and, as crowning end, the compositions

  • I feel Pretty and We like to be in America from Leonard Bernstein's (1918-1990) musical West Side Story.

We experienced a great charity concert with fantastic and highly professional musicians whose love for music and pure joy of performing enthused their audience right from the beginning. And each and every one was enchanted and agreed that it was an extraordinary experience (definitely with appetite for more).

The evening ended with a cozy get together with wine, snacks and lots of talking accompanied by Kim Rupp-Gregory from New Zealand presenting Leipzig Zeitgeist Leipzig's International Voice – Leipzig's first and up to now only English city magazine.