Developing social skills

The Lions-Quest-Program "Erwachsen werden" (Skills for Adolscence) has been an integral part of our school concept since 2007.

"Skills for Adolescence" teaches young people the strategies they need to deal with the challenges of our changing world. It also helps students to deal with the changes of adolescence. "Skills for Adolescence" promotes among others:

  • building self-confidence,
  • becoming involved in serving others and contributing to the community,
  • setting goals and develop plans to reach those goals

The program "Skills for Adolsescence" also serves to nurture a positive atmosphere for learning and community building in class preventing social exclusion and bullying.

In grade 5 and 6, there is one additional lesson for social learning listed on the class schedule. At present, "Skills for Adolescence" is also offered in grade 7 and 8. Teachers responsible for classes in these grades underwent a three-day training workshop in order to effectively teach the program's life skills curricular. They also attend further staff development workshops to focus on specific topics.

During their lesson of social learning, the students develop social skills such as:

  • making healthy decisions - to say no to mental and physical threats
  • resisting peer pressure
  • managing throwbacks and disappointments
  • being critical in assessing the effects and risks of drugs

Students develop social skills which they are required to have not only during the school years but also during longer stays abroad, years of study or in the working world. One special feature of this long-term program is that all parties involved in education process are included - parents and youth organizations are viewed as important and valued partners.

The Seal of Quality awards schools training and educating according to the program's highest standards of professionalism, thus ensuring that the best possible opportunites for the youth will be provided and achieved.

Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School has been allowed to bear the Lions-Quest-Seal of Quality since Sept. 1st 2009.

Silke Höfer