Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School succeeds in taking part in an EU parliamentary simulation known as the Model European Parliament (MEP)

Ever since 2001, Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School has been participating as the only secondary school in Saxony involved at the parlamentary simulation, MEP, and succeeded in doing so.

The MEP takes place annually on a national level in the premises of the Federal Press Office, the German Bundesrat (the upper house of German Parliament) and the Federal councils in Berlin. Eight high school students of predominantly bilingual schools from each of the thirteen German states and, as in every year, about 56 high school students from other European countries as well are brought together for one week in Berlin.

Under the experienced leadership of Mrs Steffi Kruschel, our head of social studies in department and leader of the MEP project at Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School for 10 years, grade 10 students have been preparing themselves with increasing enthusiasm and dedication for this week since the beginning of the school year. The tasks include writing speeches, working on committee matters and analysing the European treaties. In Berlin, the student delegations of each federal German state represent one European country in miscellaneous committees. To fulfill these tasks, the delegates have to gather information, in particular on the political situation in their country. This is achieved thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the students in their spare time.

In recent years, students from Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School proved their political maturity and powers of persuasion in the national MEP and belonged to the few who qualified to take part as delegates in the subsequent international parliamentary simulations. In the past Mrs Kruschel accompanied students to Saint Petersburg and Torun, others traveled to Athens, Dublin and Bremen.

The project has mainly been funded by our school's Booster Club, the Förderverein des Anton-Philipp-Reclam-Gymnasiums.

LVZ-online (internet presence of Leipzig's local publishing company) was also interested in this project and followed a group of our politically minded students and published the following two videos: MEP special and Berlin as stage: Reclam-students trying out politics.