Welcome at Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School

Anton-Philipp-Reclam Schule, Gymnasium der Stadt Leipzig

We are a prestigious secondary school in the center of Leipzig offering

  • bilingual education in French and German,
  • advanced placement courses in languages and sciences in addition to an early acquisition of French as a second language starting at grade 5,
  • a spacious school complex comprising two school buildings, a school library, a school gym, a large school ground with rest areas, a bonfire place and table tennis.

In walking distance, there is a sports ground, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, an elementary school, a leisure center, a play school, a German-French play school.

The spirit of our openess is reflected e.g. by versatile relations with international partners.

Cooperation in the Spirit of Partnership - Holism - Vitality

  - these are the guiding principles of our school's mission statement.

Vitality - Our day-to-day school life is marked by highly dynamic processes of teaching and learning. Aiming at the individualization of the learning process, new curriculums, new insights in the field of brain science and psychology as well as modern educational concepts impose great demands on teachers. Vitality also means providing opportunities to exercise as well as stimulating the desire to do so in the interest of each student's healthy physical and mental development.

Cooperation in the Spirit of Partnership - Teachers and students jointly shape our day-to-day school life. They take mutual responsibility for successfully organizing the teaching and learning processes and their performances. Our student's parents are also vital partners in our school community.

Holism - Promoting and demanding communicative, cognitive, social and emotional abilities of our pupils as individuals means that, in collaboration with their teachers, students learn both to become aware of and to reflect on their experiences, studies, discoveries, perceptions and knowledges.

Cooperation in the Spirit of Partnership - Holism - Vitality - are also reflected in the school's versatile external relations reaching far beyond the borders of Leipzig and Saxony.