'Learning to learn' the competency based curriculum at Anton-Philipp-Reclam-School

Motivation and goal:

  • development of learning skills
  • development of individual learning strategies

Learning skills:

  • capability and readiness for self-learning. This involves planning, structuring, observing, adjusting, if necessary, and analyzing the learning process.

Learning strategies:

  • individual approaches to achieve learning objectives by applying certain teaching and working methods

Key aspects:

  • development and acquisition of learning and working methods at each class level
  • integration and responsibilities in day-to-day school life
  • sustainability concerning the acquired learning und working methods


For teachers: learning skills folder in the teacher's room, curriculum:

  • overviews of the achieved learning and working methods at each class level
  • overview of the mental operations
  • bibliography

Responsibility: Mrs Heinze, Mrs Hunger; legwork: subject teacher, faculty

For students:

  • from grade 5 to 10 portofolio: „Lernen, so gehts“ (Learning, that's the way it works)

Responsibility: students, teacher