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Hey, we are Enie and Nele from the 10th grade. We are participating at the project “students teach students”. This is a form of class, where older students give a small group of younger students a lesson. The younger students are often native speakers that we are teaching one english lesson in their week. In those lessons, we are doing multiple interactive activities. If we have the possibility, we are creating role plays, baking cookies, reading a book together or having interesting discussions. For us, it is very important to talk about subjects that the kids don’t talk in school, but still want to know. For example how to create and have a good presentation, how to gain confidence, how to do taxes and other subjects of their interests. Until now, we got very positive feedback from the students, they too, seem to enjoy the different kind of class. But it’s not only them that are learning from us, we are also enjoying talking to the girls and are improving our english speaking skills a lot. We think it’s a great way to connect with younger students and to, whenever they need, give them a helping hand.